The ‘Pause’ Continues: 2015 Cooler than 2010 and 1998

As expected, 2015 came in a distant third place to 2010 and 1998 for warmest year on record, according to the latest lower troposphere temperature data from both Remote Sensing Systems and the University of Alabama at Huntsville, the two independent organizations that maintain and report on satellite temperature data.

Check out Bob Tisdale’s post on this over at

figure-32While the effects of El-Niño are expected to cause significant short-term warming as we go into 2016, the ‘pause’ in global warming is still statistically significant at 18 years and 9 months. Indeed if you take into account the uncertainty range of decadal trends in RSS (+/- .044ºC) and UAH (+/- .040ºC) data , the ‘pause’ now extends back a solid and statistically significant 20 years! More on this in upcoming posts…

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