It’s 2022 and Glacier National Park still has glaciers!

Amongst the long list of non-scientific nonsense promulgated by left-wing climate crazies is, “OMG, the glaciers are melting!” Putting aside for a moment that globally glaciers have been melting at a pretty constant rate for 6000 years or so — surprise, surprise, we are in an inter-glacial period — the liars who run the National Park Service, for example have signs all over Glacier National Park (their poster child” for glacier melt, which they dub “A showcase of melting glaciers…” ) saying, “THE GLACIERS, GONE BY 2020.” The great scientist Al Gore even used the park in his wonderful movie An Inconvenient Truth (cited by a UK court as being untrue on all of its most important claims).

Oops. It’s 2022. And the glaciers are still there. Another inconvenient truth to add to the list.

Judith Curry’s most recent post on Climate Etc. brings this whole Glacier saga into excellent scientific focus…

Glacier saga
Posted on November 10, 2022
by Judith Curry

The loss of glaciers from Glacier National Park is one of the most visible manifestations of climate change in the U.S.  Signs were posted all around the park, proclaiming that the glaciers would be gone by 2020.  In 2017, the Park started taking these signs down.  What happened, beyond the obvious fact that the glaciers hadn’t disappeared by 2020?

Not only are Montana’s glaciers an important icon for global warming (e.g. Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth), it also seems that the glaciers are an important political icon for progressive politicians in Montana. Earlier this week, Reilly Neill, a (sort of) politician in Montana, went after me on Twitter:

A number of progressive academic types are leaving twitter owing to Elon Musk’s takeover.  What???   And miss all this fun???

Well, it just so happens that I have some analyses of Montana glaciers and climate in my archives; maybe I can help Reilly (and the “real scientists of Montana”) understand what is going on.

[Read the rest of the story here…]

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