Important Peer-Reviewed Papers on Climate Change

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By David Siegel
October 5, 2022

As of October 5, 2022: Number of peer-reviewed papers listed on this page: 115

I’m glad you’re interested in science. However, I don’t think peer review is the signal of scientific rigor you think it is. Simple statistical analysis shows that the majority of peer-reviewed findings are false or meaningless, and the press will take any paper and blow it up into a headline. But people often ask me for peer-reviewed papers refuting the standard dogma of climate alarm, and there are many. Keep in mind that all atmospheric data before 1980 is suspect, and all ocean measurements before 2005 are worthless. Everyone knows Antarctica is not warming, so I’ll focus on trying to figure out man’s role in the climate.

When I ask people who are sure that humans are having an alarming impact on the earth’s climate, I ask them to name one single paper that convinced them. So far, I have never gotten a paper.

No one reads papers, but I do. Some of them I don’t think are worth sharing, but a few are, and I present them here. I’ll write summaries, because I know people won’t click through. If you are convinced humans are causing climate change, you might want to understand the science a bit more; these summaries are designed to help you do that. There is much more at

[See the whole list of papers and the rest of this post HERE.]


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