Hurricane frequency continues its 40-year DECLINE

The latest data from hurricane (aka “tropical cyclone”) expert Ryan Maue continue to show a steady decline in global hurricane activity despite the alleged tiny increase in “global mean surface temperature” (a fiction of the “consensus” crowd of anti-scientists) over the past 40 years. The upper line is all hurricanes (winds at or above 64 knots) and shows a statistically significant and fairly steady decline in numbers. The lower line, showing major hurricanes (winds at or above 96 knots) is fairly flat overall with a notable spike in the 2015-16 season. All of this is of course much to the chagrin of the climate alarmists (aka liars from the anti-science crowd) who keep shouting from the rooftops and all the corporate media that “climate change” is causing massive increases in “extreme weather,” all the while when nearly every measure of “extreme weather” continues to decline or stay the same.

Figure: Global Hurricane Frequency (all & major) — 12-month running sums. The top time series is the number of global tropical cyclones that reached at least hurricane-force (maximum lifetime wind speed exceeds 64-knots). The bottom time series is the number of global tropical cyclones that reached major hurricane strength (96-knots+). Adapted from Maue (2011) GRL.

For more real science see Dr. Ryan N. Maue’s Global Tropical Cyclone Activity and follow him on Twitter @RyanMaue.

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