Math Deniers Promulgate Heatwave Nonsense

Hysterical and completely obvious climate nonsense continues throughout the fake media with the latest being evidence-free reports such as the hysterical opinion Another Step Toward Climate Apocalypse by non-reporter Paul Krugman and NYT headline writers on July 4, 2022 in the sad but once-venerated New York Times stating that a statistically perfectly normal heat wave signals that “Climate change is already doing immense damage, and it’s probably only a matter of time before we experience huge catastrophes that take thousands of lives.”

Contrary to Krugman’s non-report, the temperatures experienced in the north of Norway are perfectly normal according to publicly available data from the World Meteorological Organization.

See the excellent article Norway Heatwaves Are Perfectly Normal, Despite What Paul Krugman Says (by Paul Homewood, July 5, 2022, Watts Up With That?, reblogged from Not a Lot of People Know That).


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