Are Environmentalism and Global Warming Effectively Religious Socialism?

Dr. Tim Ball (, historical climatologist, retired professor, and author of the Amazon top-100 climatology and environmental science book  The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science (see an excellent review here) gives a succinct and insightful explanation of the genesis of and moving forces behind the massive disinformation campaign that is Climate Change alarmism.

Watts Up With That?

Guest Opinion: Dr. Tim Ball

A scene from the NYC "peoples climate march" in September 2014 A scene from the NYC “peoples climate march” in September 2014

An interesting pattern developed early in the official involvement in global warming. If a person challenged the claim that humans were causing global warming (AGW), it was assumed they were on the political right. If you supported AGW, then you were on the left. This categorization is not related to the science, but to the political nature of the science involved. This occurred in two major parts. The original objective of those using global warming for their political agenda and the marginalizing of those who questioned the science by linking them to industries and their wealthy owners. The author believes the evidence shows that human CO2 is not causing AGW, that the hypothesis is not proved. This article is not written to pick political sides. Rather, it is an attempt to help understand the…

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